Saturday, January 01, 2011

my scrapbooking memories masters entry…lol

Ok here it is …I gave it a go again last year…
My “Useful” Project … a birthday date book , accordion card keeper and coordinating card set. All the flowers and leaves and items are hand made nothing pre-fabricated as I am not a product scrapper more of a technique scrapper.
My single page…recycled item was the tag from the t-shirt being worn in the photo/s… all photos taken by me and the photo booth effect was done in PS.
Double layout… about the past… yes all the photos are of me … lol not my twin brother Smile the memorabilia is the bookmark with the bee on it from my first year at school.
So there you go my entry …


Wendy Smith said...

cant believe you didnt get MASTERS..robbed I tell you!

Love the OTP...GORGEOUS!

Gwen Wruck said...

Totally agree with Wendy - These are all amazing!

Unknown said...

Another ditto to Wendy, I love them all but as I have a batman buddy too that may be my fav. When i saw the double in the mag i read the story and was inspored to scrap all my teacher mug shots like this