Friday, October 03, 2008

So You Think You Can Scrap #5

Well it is into the finals and boy is it getting tough (well for me at least) this weeks Genre was FREESTYLE / ARTY...Eeek!!!The essential criteria on the page (which had to have a freestyle/arty feel to it) was as follows:

1. Page needs a Handmade/written Title
2. Page needs Paint
3. Page needs a Household/Thrift Item
4. Page needs a odd edge or shaped background
5. Page needs doodling

So here is what I came up with after my first dissasterous attempt of handpainted "tropical flowers" I tore that layout up and went with classic balck and white to counter the arty component which is not very me at all.

All the flowers are finger painted, by popping my fingertip into the paint and dabbing it onto the cardstock in a five petal design, then cutting them out...the white ones I then stamped with a script stamp to add a bit of interest. There is no patterned paper on this layout at all it is all my own art (if you can call it that).
So lets do it by the numbers...

1. Page needs a Handmade/written Title - I have handdrawn the U and the R in black permanent pen and then stamped it with the same script stamp.
2. Page needs Paint - I have made all my flowers with black and white acrylic paint and my finger
3. Page needs a Household/Thrift Item - I have used my daughters clear elastic hair bands to pinch the ribbon in.
4. Page needs a odd edge or shaped background - I have used my flowery fiskars punch to create the black border strip.
5. Page needs doodling - I have created a lot of random circles to frame the photo.

So I have covered off the criteria and this is about as arty as I get I am afraid...


Kell Lusted said...

LOVE it Sue, great freestyle..... Susan style!!!

Sandie said...

Beautiful layouts, I am looking forward to working with you!

Rachy said...

OMG I almost cant believe my eyes! There is doodling on that page! lol
Love it honey!

Kirsty said...

Love it! Those flowers, and your doodling ROCK!

jakey said...'s amazing - i love those flowers! who say's you're not arty?? :-)

jk xxx